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Bio and what makes us different...

      I’m  Jennifer James the founder, owner, and designer of Diffusing Mama’s Aromatherapy Jewelry. I was born and raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I’ve always been a health conscious person, but like many others have had  trouble sleeping since having my children. I was talking with a close friend about wanting to eliminate prescription sleep-aid drugs, but didn’t want to revert back to over-the-counter medication either. That’s when my world changed and I was introduced to therapeutic grade essential oils.

      Back in December of 2013, I started looking for diffusing jewelry so I could benefit from aromatherapy throughout my hectic day. After an extensive search on the internet, neither my friends nor I could find quality lockets anywhere that suited our style. We also discovered that when oils are used topically, the benefits generally only last a few hours. I wanted a solution that was made from quality materials, fit my style, and didn’t have to be constantly re-addressed. That’s when we started looking into creating our own line, Diffusing Mama’s.

      Through research, testing and a great deal of time, effort, and investment, we found the right material not just for the lockets but also the pads which hold the oils. We felt that a jewelry piece for diffusing essential oils had to take both of these elements into equal consideration. We didn’t like that cotton had to be replaced every day or t
wo or that leather and clay weren’t completely washable. To us, one of the main reasons we started using essential oils was the fact they were natural, from the earth. We wanted something that would complement the oils history keeping the waste limited, yet be functional for everyday use.  We wanted something clean, convenient, and practical.

      We started selling the Diffusing Mama’s line in May of 2014. The following June, a large US-based essential oils company had their annual convention. They chose us to be a vendor for their one day outdoor event. The response was overwhelming and the feedback was amazing. We could not have asked for a better reception. From this event we gained distributors in the USA, Canada and Hong Kong. In September of 2014, we did back to back conventions at Bontanica2014 in Dublin, Ireland followed by NAHA’s (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) in Seattle, Washington. From these conventions we gathered more overseas distributors with many more in the works. 

      At Diffusing Mama’s we have taken the time to make sure we have top quality products while keeping our prices competitive with great customer service.
Our lockets are made from 100% high quality hypoallergenic 316L surgical grade stainless steel which resists corrosion and reaction with the oils, even the harsh citrus varieties. We ensure that there is no glue, paint, or other materials which would react negatively with the oils. All of our lockets have several strong magnetic strips to keep the locket closed so they are easy to open and there are no worries about losing the special pads and oily goodness. The lockets have a solid back so the oils will not rub on the skin or clothes.

      The material or pads inside the lockets are interchangeable and each locket comes with two pads (white and black). This allows people to change oils quickly
as needed but also changes the look of the lockets as the pads are viewable through the vents or holes in the front design of the lockets. These vents allow for the oils to diffuse throughout the day without having to open a container to gain the aromatherapy benefits. Unlike leather and cotton pads, our pads are completely washable and reusable leaving no residue behind. We recommend using 1-3 drops of your desired essential oil on our pads but they will hold more drops if desired without leaks or messes. The scents last for days and even up to a week with some of the stronger oils lasting even longer.

      We offer a wide range of designs to fit most people’s taste with more in the works. We feel that we have a unique and popular product that is of a quality unavailable elsewhere. Any search on the internet for diffusing necklaces or jewelry will render a growing list; however, most are made of costume jewelry and cheap metals. We also have the capability to create custom designed lockets that suit the specific needs of our professional clientele. These are great options for groups and teams as gifts and incentives. Because the backs of the lockets are solid metal, they make an ideal spot for engraving a special message.