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    "I love my diffuser necklaces and bracelet that I purchased!! The quality is exceptional! I also purchased a diffuser tag for my dog, which I love!! Now she too get the benefits of essential oils all day as well."

    -- Carol, Sarasota, Florida


      "I have been looking for a good quality diffuser necklace for over a year. I stumbled across Diffusing Mama's and instantly fell in love with their jewelry. I ordered the Celtic Design locket and could not wait to get it in to wear. I can see this as a staple in my everyday wardrobe. The quality of the jewelry and the customer service will keep me coming back to order more!"   

      -- Tracy, Richmond, Virginia


        "Love my diffuser necklace! Great customer service. The day I received my first one, I ordered a second one!!!"   

        -- Marlene, McKinney, Texas


        "So happy I purchased! I have a pendant and bought one for each of my children. My daughter has been bullied by another girl in school, she's been wearing her diffuser w/White Angelica and it has given her courage. They are sturdy and beautiful! I have a bracelet and another pendant on the way! Thanks so much!"    

        -- Tracey, Wisconsin


          "I ordered three diffuser necklaces. One for myself and two as gifts. They looked beautiful online and are even better in person. Attractive, sturdy and very well made. I will definitely order more. Also, after I placed my order I got an email that there was a recent sale that just ended prior to my order and they were kind enough to give me the sale price and refund the difference. Wow! Great products and great customer service. The Old World Cross is my favorite and I can not wait for it to come back in stock."

              -- Lynn, Port Orchard, Washington

                "I stumbled across your website while searching the web for diffuser necklaces. I've recently discovered the benefits of essential oils, but unfortunately, have also discovered that I have very sensitive skin. My order arrived very quickly, and I have been enjoying my beautiful heart diffuser necklace today. Problem solved! Thank you so much for an excellent product."

                    -- Kathryn, Aloha, OR

                      "Elegant and functional, Diffusing Mama's Oil Diffusing Jewelry make wonderful gifts for the oilers in your life or make for a special piece to add to your own collection. The creative designs and quality of the materials help to make the pieces more than just a way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, but to also have a stunning piece of jewelry. Affordable and beautiful are just the added bonus."

                        --Heather, Charleston, West Virgina.


                          "Being a business owner myself, the importance of high quality is at the top of my list. I was gifted a beautiful Tear-drop necklace and fell in love. The craftsmanship and quality are far above others. I love DM line so much that I now sell them in my personal store and all adore them. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for affordable, beautiful, unique jewelry to add value to your aromatherapy."

                            -- April, Florence, Alabama


                            "I had been scouring the internet searching for a "different" diffusing necklace. They all seemed so similar to one another. Then by chance I found you searching the net. I just received the 2 necklaces I ordered. I am thrilled! They are even more beautiful in person and I love the stainless steel. What a quality piece, the chain as well. The delivery was very speedy and I can tell I will be enjoying them for a long time. Thank you!"          

                            -- Mara

                              "I first became aware of these stainless steel aromatherapy necklaces on Facebook and greatly anticipated seeing them at the NAHA Conference in September. They did not disappoint! I am delighted with the quality of the stainless steel, the beauty of the designs, the ease of recharging with essential oil. I purchased two necklaces, wear them often, and receive numerous compliments. It is a lovely bonus that I am able to enjoy my personal aromatherapy blend all day long through this well executed piece of jewelry."

                                -- Teri, Springfield, MO

                                  "After receiving a gift certificate, I had trouble deciding what to order because the designs are all so beautiful! When I had a question about the size of one of the items, I received a quick and helpful response. I love great customer service!! My necklace came with both black and white inserts, allowing me to coordinate the look with any outfit. Outstanding product and service."

                                    -- Sally, Stilwell, Kansas

                                      "I am hoping to get the flower diffusing necklace soon and putting it to use! These are beautiful pices but that is my favorite!"

                                        -- Rainey, Williston, SC


                                          "You're just as precious in person... I was totally stoked with the new items! My Team builders are going to be sooooo happy with their End of the Year prize from you and me!!! :) TU! I pray blessings and abundance on you, more than you can contain!"

                                            -- Janet, Flower Mound, TX